The Blog Begins

I will be adding posts covering the various projects that CAWS has been involved in over the years - wargames, miniatures, model-making, scenery, painting, roleplaying, LRP / LARP, and more. Please bear with me as I try to gather all the old words and pictures as well as create some new ones.  


Return to Kiyevka

After the last incident at Kiyevka the Russians decided to move the Moskva class dreadnought Vladivostok, flagship of the Eastern fleet, East towards Kiyevka. The plan was power projection to show the strength of the Commonwealth. This move was expected by the Japanese who had prepared a special strike fleet to cripple the fleet by … Continue reading Return to Kiyevka

Mapplethorpe Muddle

Sleepy Mapplethorpe in East Yorkshire was the site of a most unusual incident last weekend. Supported battlecruisers from Crown and Commonwealth engaged around the islands just off the coast near the village. The incident occurred when the Grimsby commerce protection flotilla was alerted to unusual movement near the coast. Expecting a Prussian raider the faster … Continue reading Mapplethorpe Muddle

Dystopian Wars 3rd Ed Beta, first games

This weekend was focused on getting a couple of Dystopian Wars Beta games in. Game 1 - Celestian Empire v Crown Our first play of the beta. Fleet choices were simple and setup went well. Celestians won initiative but chose to Hold his Nerve in the first turn and promptly regretted it as the Crown cruisers punished … Continue reading Dystopian Wars 3rd Ed Beta, first games

Encounter off Kiyevka

Patrol fleets from Vladivostok and Sapporo met just off the Russian coast near Kiyevka. Both were small fleets - a single battleship plus escort squadrons. The battle was short but devastating. The Russian Coalition lost their cruisers and most of their frigates while the Empire of the Blazing Sun lost their battleship, all their frigates … Continue reading Encounter off Kiyevka